Terms of UW-GuestWifi wireless network


Wireless Network, named UW-GuestWifi is a Computer network available to University guests. It is used for wireless and free internet access. Log in to the network requires acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and giving individual login and password approved by the University employee.


User of UW-GuestWifi network is obliged to:

1. not to use the network for illegal activities,

2. no transmission and share of content that is illegal or are subject of intellectual property protection not owned by the user,

3. no transmission and sharing of content that can violate someone's personal rights,

4. not to use the network for commercial purposes,

5. constant monitoring of own computer activity with anti-virus software,

6. not sharing personal login and password to other users.


User violates the principles of this Regulation may be denied access to the network.


The user shall be fully legal and financial responsibility for damage caused by his activity using the network.


In matters not covered by these Regulations, appropriate provisions of law in force in the territory of the Polish Republic shall apply.