Help for users - F.A.Q.

1. I forgot my password

Use the password reminder here

2. I gave the wrong e-mail address

You have to sign up again with a valid e-mail address.

3. UW employee's e-mail not found in the database

Make sure that you have entered the correct address. The employee is identified by the e-mail address that is assigned to them in the USOS. On the usosweb, you can find a valid UW employee's e-mail.

4. UW employee did not get the e-mail

Log in here and submit request for access again. If you see the message "Access to the wireless network is expected to accept", cancel the current request first. If the problem persists, you can ask the employee to grant you access manually.

5. I got an e-mail, I can not log in to UWGuest network

Try to log in here. If you can not log in, please use the password reminder mechanism. Otherwise, make sure you provide correct information when you log on to the network.

6. Since I have access to?

Access to the network is granted for a period of seven days and is calculated from the date indicated on the form, regardless of confirmation time. You can always check the expiration date by logging on project site.

7. I cannot send e-mail from the UW-GuestWifi network

The firewall is blocking outgoing connections to port 25. Check SMTP server settings in your e-mail program, you should be using port 465 or 587. Your e-mail server administrator can assist you in the proper configuration.